Monday, 19 December 2011

The Aftermath

It has been a week or so since my last blog, but the news is good. All 3 anti-scam sites that were targetted by the DDoS are now back up and running at full strength.

During the period of the attacks (and since them), the anti-scam community has identified and killed around 100 fake Amazon/eBay/Google Escrow sites.  Obviously, not all of these sites belong to the original East European scammer and their associates.  Some will have belonged to other (unconnected) scammers, but with the Eastern European scammer's assistance these were also killed.

So, if you were running a scam with a fake Escrow site that is now dead, you have the Eastern European scam syndicate to thank for bringing you to the anti-scam communities attention.

Finally, a mesage to the Eastern European scammers, you may have caused the anti-scam sites and their members an inconvenience for a few days.  However our sites are now back, whereas your are confined to the digital dustbin!


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